Episode 003 – Under Pressure

How Geoff Marcy got away with sexual harassment for decades, How sea levels are flooding Miami and nothing is happening, and how climate change caused the Syrian war.

  1. Janet Stemwedel – Astronomy Community Mounts Stronger Response In Sexual Harassment Case Than UC Berkeley
  2. Sea level rise in low lying areas around Miami
  3. Climate change and Syria

Episode 002 – Moving to LA

Why RadioLab is annoying, what should visitors to LA see, and the bizarre logic of the Let’s Make a Deal paradox.

  1. La Brea
  2. Museum of Jurassic Technology
  3. Disneyland vs Disneyworld
  4. Legoland
  5. The Grove
  6. LACMA
  7. San Diego Zoo
  8. Getty Museum
  9. In-N-Out
  10. In-N-Out family drama
  11. RadioLab
  12. An explanation of the Let’s Make A Deal Paradox
  13. The time the world’s smartest woman got mansplained

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