Episode 001 – Of Lice and Hominids

Cool things about the discovery of a new species of human, the natural history of lice, and the FoxNewsization of National Geographic.

  1. Nat Geo on Homo naledi
  2. The Atlantic on Homo naledi
  3. Rupert Murdoch is buying National Geographic
  4. John Hawks – Paleoanthropology, genetics and evolution
  5. Frogwoman of the Andes, Kelsey Reider
  6. Dan GraurOn the immortality of television sets
  7. Derek Lowe – In the Pipeline
  8. Brian Myers – The Cleanest Race
  9. Harold McGee – On Food and Cooking

HK and Terry are particularly grateful to Small Shipwrecks for giving us permission to use their beautiful songs for our intro and outro. Click this link to listen to all their songs and buy their album Eucatastrophe.

Special thanks to Amelia Chapman for designing the Not Just Scientists logo.